For Charter Schools - Unlock Math

Improves Student Proficiency

UnLock Math builds students confidence by giving them the tools, skills, & support to build their proficiencies in mathematical processes that support rich & effective learning in mathematics so that they are able to effectively & proficiently problem solve through reasoning, proving, reflecting, connecting, communicating their understanding & knowledge, and selecting effective tools & strategies.

Exceeds CCSS & A-G Approved

Award winning math curriculum for schools exceeds CCSS and is A-G approved in California. Foundations, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I A-G, Geometry A-G, Algebra II A-G, and Pre-Calculus Honors A-G.

Ontario Aligned

Ontario aligned curriculum for grades 6-12. Ontario 6, Ontario 7, Ontario 8, Ontario 9 Academic, Ontario 10 Academic , Ontario 11 Functions, and Ontario 12 Advanced Functions.

Learn By Doing

Students learn by doing. Your students can explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that give them immediate feedback. Throughout the entire lesson, students remain actively engaged with the material and receive constant feedback that solidifies their understanding.

Unlimited Practice

Unlimited Practice Problem sets. Each student receives unique problem sets covering the same concepts utilizing our algorithmic question generator.

Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback with completely worked solutions after each question. This helps them to find their own mistakes, a great teaching tool and one less thing for you!

Continual Review

Continual Review Problem sets make sure concepts are kept fresh and locked into long-termmemory.

UnLock Math For Schools Features

Engaging Instruction

Thorough video for each Lesson.

Actionable Reporting

Be proactive with at-a-glance and deep dive reporting.

Complete Curriculum

Including Instruction, Practice, Review, and Assessment

Reference Notes

Each Lesson includes printable reference notes providing everything students need.

Any Device Access

Desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, Android, and Apple phones. All your students need is wifi.

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