Meet the UnLock Math Teacher

Meet the UnLock Math Teacher

UnLock Math was born from the teaching passion of Alesia Blackwood. 

From a young age, Alesia Blackwood knew she loved math and helping others understand it. She was homeschooled starting in the 4th grade before returning to public high school. In high school, she began tutoring fellow students in math and began planning to become a math teacher. She accomplished that goal in 2000. She now holds the Georgia Professional Standards Commission certification to teach Mathematics in grades 7-12. She is also a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, certified in Intermediate and Senior Divisions Mathematics and Computer Science, with degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Education.

Alesia brings over 25 years of experience tutoring & teaching math to students of varying abilities. In the classroom, she taught classes of special education students, Algebra II and AP Calculus, among others. One of her passions is convincing previously struggling math students that they CAN understand and excel at math. Her ability to make math easier for students, helping them see why a formula works versus having them memorize, has helped UnLock Math students make 180-degree changes in their attitude where math is concerned.

A homeschool mom of 5 herself, Alesia understands the challenges of homeschooling multiple children at multiple levels and that sometimes you have to outsource a subject or two. For families that choose to outsource math to UnLock Math, she is determined to support them in every way to make sure they succeed at math.

UnLock Math is formed around Alesia’s unique style of clearly teaching math concepts in a way that students find easier to understand. Her online math curriculum is unlike any other, designed to reduce math anxiety & build confidence!

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Completely online. Easy to navigate. Available anytime.

Utilizing the most advanced Testing & Assessment anywhere. Unlock Math will put your child into a safe virtual classroom where they are the only student. No distractions. Just math. With a Passionate Math Teacher who has a proven ability to engage students and give them the skills needed to succeed, You can relax and leave teaching math to us. It’s what we love. We look forward to unlocking your child’s math potential!

UnLock Math will put your child into a safe virtual classroom where they are the only student