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The Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

for homeschool, microschool, homeschool co-op, charter school, and private school…that transforms students’ attitudes toward Math and includes everything needed for success in math, customizable to your child! Unlock Math's solid college prep math curriculum will prepare your children to excel on SAT/ACT exams. Many of our students have achieved generous merit scholarships.

We utilize Möbius Assessment to create custom tests & evaluations that stimulate learning and provide immediate feedback.
Build your students’ confidence and ease their anxiety with our brain-friendly interactive lessons!
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Promote deeper understanding and increase retention of math concepts through our scaffolded instruction and detailed solutions.
Reduce cognitive overload through easy-to-learn concepts, One question at a time, unlimited practice, and continual review.
Get access to our online math courses that offer automated grading and allows you to move between courses with NO EXTRA FEE!
Build real-world math skills to help students ace their standardized and college placement exams such as the PERT and ACT/SAT
Strengthen their math foundation and understanding with:

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Award-Winning Math Curriculum for
Grades 6-12

Fills math gaps and helps students catch up in math while preparing them for the topics in Pre-Algebra, teaching them the fundamental skills needed for success in mathematics.
UnLock Pre-Algebra clearly explains math concepts while engaging students in the learning process. Fosters better learning & retention of math concepts leading to success in Algebra and beyond.
Homeschool Algebra I curriculum that sets your student up for success in high school math and beyond. Expert instruction, interactive testing, and automated grading, with extra help. 
Algebra II is the direct successor to Algebra I and builds on each of the concepts studied within it.
By completing Geometry, students become better prepared for Algebra II, improving their problem-solving skills, abstract and critical thinking, spatial awareness, and logical reasoning.
This course focuses on more abstract and theoretical concepts, allowing students to improve their critical thought processes.
Financial Literacy is a unique course that uses mathematics to illustrate key principles of personal finance. The course also provides an introduction to financial accounting and business math. 
Unlock Foundations is a unique course that will give your students the solid math foundation they need by filling math gaps and preparing them for Pre-Algebra and beyond. Set your student up for future success with the best homeschool math curriculum to fill gaps and solidify their math foundation!
Unlock Pre-Algebra is a math curriculum developed for homeschoolers that gives students the absolute best preparation for Algebra I. Voted best homeschool math curriculum 6 years in a row!
Unlock Algebra I will set your students up for success in Algebra II and beyond as they gain a deeper understanding of new algebraic concepts, including exponential and quadratic functions.
Unlock Geometry encourages your students to think critically and use logic to prove mathematical theorems and principles. Most online homeschool math curriculums forego teaching proofs. Not us. If you're looking for a comprehensive online geometry curriculum WITH proofs, look no further!
Unlock Algebra II expands your students' understanding of functions, polynomials, and trigonometry and introduces them to complex numbers, series, and patterns. Looking to prepare your student for a STEM career? Our Algebra II curriculum will help you do just that!
Unlock Pre-Calculus builds on the concepts of Algebra II and prepares students for Calculus and post-secondary mathematics. 
Equip your students with financial literacy to help them prepare to file taxes and set financial goals in the future.

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What our community says.

What our community says.

"We absolutely LOVE UnLock Math! I hope to be able to continue using it for our son at least through Algebra if not all the way through high school. We most definitely recommend you guys!"

Jennifer White

"This curriculum has been a great help to our high-school homeschoolers. Math is one of the subjects we wondered most about when deciding to homeschool, but thankfully UnLock Math has helped our children succeed!"

Brad Jenkins

“BEST no fluff curriculum out there! My 6th grader doesn’t like long lessons, but the set up Unlock Math has is precisely what he needed. To the point, but clear lessons and just enough practice to get the skills cemented! Highly recommend them!”


“Your program has been a lifesaver for my high schooler this year. He doesn’t hate math for the first time ever and is understanding so much more. Thank you!!!”

Kara, TN

“My 12yr old’s attitude toward math did a 180 as soon as we tried UnLock.”

Rick, OR

“We love this curriculum! If your child struggles with math, or you struggle to teach them math, check this one out! My teen is on her 3rd year with this program and ..."

Stacy Baugh, TX

“We found UnLock Math last year and it has changed our lives! The step by step approach and constant review are excellent!..."

Alyson, NC

“Our family uses this program and we have been so pleased with the results. Our daughter who struggled in math is now WANTING to do her math with UnLock Math, even on the weekends and over the holidays. Great program!”

Mark Lawrence, ON

“I wanted to share some amazing news. M***** and E***** just scored in the 90th percentile for math on their standardized test for fifth and seventh grade. You guys get (and deserve) ALL the credit.."

Jaci O.

“I have no words to thank you for these last years of math that have been such a blessing for my family. I was so overwhelmed and I stopped teaching math to my teens, but they learned independently from your program."

Rodica H., FL

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