UnLock Math | Best Online Math Curriculum For Grades 6-12

Self-Paced Flexibility with the Support of Live Teachers

Taught by experienced and enthusiastic teacher, Alesia Blackwood, UnLock Math merges the best of personal teaching with the flexibility of self-paced  lessons.

Have questions about the math lessons? Just reach out using the live chat and qualified teachers are available for extra help!

Advanced Assessment

 Students continue learning during assignments with various question types that allow us to evaluate and build student knowledge & ability in ways other programs can’t.

Each student is served unique problem sets with unlimited retakes, giving them NEW questions each time.

We use their best attempt when calculating grades.

Comprehensive Scope & Sequence

No more gaps in learning.

Our proven math curriculum will have your child learning, retaining, and understanding math better, leading to vastly improved test scores.


Solve, Progress and Succeed With Alesia Blackwood

Alesia engages your child with her exceptional ability to explain math in a way that helps students conceptualize concepts, leading to greatly improved confidence & skill.