UnLock Math Testimonials

“BEST no fluff curriculum out there! My 6th grader doesn’t like long lessons, but the set up Unlock Math has is precisely what he needed. To the point, but clear lessons and just enough practice to get the skills cemented!
Highly recommend them!” – Jennifer

“Your program has been a lifesaver for my high schooler this year. He doesn’t hate math for the first time ever and is understanding so much more. Thank you!!!” – Kara, TN

Your wife is excellent at presenting the material. Good job!!! You guys are definitely on to something. My 12yr old’s attitude toward math did a 180 as soon as we tried UnLock.” – Rick, OR

“We love this curriculum! If your child struggles with math, or you struggle to teach them math, check this one out! My teen is on her 3rd year with this program and it has made a world of difference!! The daily frustration level went way down when we switched to Unlock Math.
My FAVORITE part – LIVE teachers available to chat one on one with the student anytime!! You have access to the teachers to help explain the problems and work through the confusion. That feature alone is priceless! It’s like a built in tutor. We use it often and they are so kind and helpful to make sure the student understands the HOW and WHY.
The students watch a video of a real teacher teaching on a white board before doing the problems. They also get reference notes to print out for each lesson.
They do have a trial, so check it out! No, I don’t make any money from them…. I just want to share because it’s helped us so much. ” – Stacy Baugh, TX

We found UnLock Math last year and it has changed our lives! The step by step approach and constant review are excellent! The teacher does a great job presenting the material. There is immediate feedback so my daughter knows if she got a problem right or wrong- and she will rework a problem until she gets it right! Her attitude towards math has completely changed!” – Alyson, NC

Our family uses this program and we have been so pleased with the results. Our daughter who struggled in math is now WANTING to do her math with UnLock Math, even on the weekends and over the holidays. Great program!” – Mark Lawrence, ON

I wanted to share some amazing news. M***** and E***** just scored in the 90th percentile for math on their standardized test for fifth and seventh grade. You guys get (and deserve) ALL the credit. They raised their scores from the 50th percentile (last fall before we started your program) to 90. E***** got in the 96th percentile for math computation. I’m so relieved I could cry. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!” – Jaci O.

“I have no words to thank you for these last years of math that have been such a blessing for my family. I was so overwhelmed and I stopped teaching math to my teens, but they learned independently from your program. My son, Luke, 16 years old, who is on the autism spectrum and has many struggles, passed the PERT, a college entrance exam, and got an honors level placement in College Algebra, even though he did not take Algebra II yet! It shows how strong your Algebra I is. The unlimited practice also helped him master the concepts at his own pace.” – Rodica H., FL

“This math curriculum has been perfect for both my kids. She is an excellent math teacher and makes things easy to understand. My kids can go at their own pace and redo lessons they struggle with when needed. My daughter is in 8th grade but will be starting high school geometry this year because of Unlock Math’s teaching methods. Her frustration with learning new math concepts has gone way down and she is able to work independently. The program is challenging but her teaching methods make understanding high school math a complete success.” – Krissy Ann