How To Ignite A Passion For Math

Case Study: How Unlock Math Ignited Luke's Passion For Math

Is it possible for a student with several learning disabilities to master high school math and pursue a career in a STEM field? If your student has struggled to master math concepts for years it may seem like an impossible goal for them to become fluent in math.

It's not!

Meet Luke, in a story told by his mother.

As a student with several learning disabilities, such as autism, stuttering, anxiety, dyslexia, apraxia, Luke struggled for years to master simple concepts in math. When he went to school in Kindergarten the teacher said he should be placed in a special needs classroom. This led to him crying every day in school. Finally, for this reason and because I did not want him in a special needs classroom, I pulled him out to begin homeschooling him.

At home, we worked through each concept one at the time until mastered. Some days were longer, but he was always willing to put the time and effort to work. Later, when we started with pre-algebra, it seemed that Luke hit a wall and had a difficult time absorbing new material. We spent a lot of time in math, both of us crying and at the verge of giving up. My younger daughter, then 10, was inspired to draw us in one of those moments, lol.

Trying To Find A Math Curriculum That Works

Then, someone suggested to switch curriculum (we were using Saxon Math). After spending a few hundred dollars for a used Videotext curriculum, and trying it for a couple of months, we realized that he was more confused than ever. Before giving up and enrolling him back in school, I decided to try Power Homeschool. I thought the video lessons will be easy for him to grasp and I was hoping that he would make progress. However, the lack of practice and review set him for failure again. Of course, there were other “easy” curriculum that homeschool moms brag about and their kids love, but the prognosis for succeeding in college, ACT/SAT, or math understanding is very low with those popular programs.

After Trying So Many That Didn't Work, Enter Unlock Math

Unlock Math lesson
Unlock Math made ALL the difference!

Finally, I heard about Unlock Math through a homeschool forum. Their website mentioned that the program offered video lessons, unlimited practice, automated grading (time saving for me!), and live help. I signed him up, and since that day, I was totally hands-off with teaching him any math.

What an incredible relief!

If Luke had any questions, he went to the chat box and the teachers were always kind to answer and help him promptly. He made progress right away. Some days he soared through 2-3 lessons, other days he stagnated on the same lesson and practiced it 3-4 times until he mastered the concept.

The unlimited practice and the newly generated exercises were a tremendous help to him. He was finally thriving!

Fast forward a couple of years. After he aced Unlock Algebra 1 and Unlock Geometry we decided to sign him up for a college entrance test to see if he could begin taking dual-enrollment classes. After only completing those two courses and the first 2 chapters from Unlock Algebra 2, he passed the test with such a high score that he was placed into pre-calculus! This demonstrates how well Unlock Math prepared him. He started taking college level math classes and completed them all with high A's. He soon found that his aptitude for math was actually a passion, and he wanted to apply himself and truly excel in a way he had never been able to in the past.

Hard Work Pays Off: Full Ride Scholarships To Several Universities

Luke’s hard work and determination has paid off, leading to him finishing all his college classes (while still in high school) with A's, a high ACT score, and full ride scholarships to several universities. He will graduate from high school with an AA degree, and will pursue a STEM career that requires a lot of math, and I know this could not have been possible without Unlock Math as a foundation.

His story demonstrates that success is possible, when given the right tools, even for those who take their time developing the skills necessary for achieving it.

Want Your Student To Achieve Similar Success In Math?

Luke's inspirational story shows that with hard work and determination, combined with the right math curriculum, your student can accomplish great things when it comes to math or any other subject. At Unlock Math we like to say that we don't "dumb" the math down to make it easier, we "teach students up" so that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible!

If your student is struggling with their current math program, don't give up on the goal of them reaching math success. Have them bring hard work and determination to the table, we'll provide the rest.

Whether you are searching for a middle school or high school math program for homeschool, after school, or for your micro school, we are here to accelerate your student(s) success and help them to achieve their goals. Give us 2 weeks and we guarantee a 180 degree change in attitude towards math.