School Ordering


Once you select your desired course, you’ll need to share the following information with your school ordering representative.

  • Student name

  • Course name

  • Your contact information: name, email address, and telephone number

  • We’ll create your account and send you a welcome email within 2 busuness days of receiving a purchase order. If you do not receive one, please check your spam folder and/or contact us.

School Representative

To order a subscription for a student, please chose a method below:

  • Via a Purchase Order by emailing a purchase order to

  • Via a Credit Card by calling (706) 668-0714 M-F 9am -5m ET. Your subscription is not recurring so your credit card will not be charged again in the future. A receipt of the transaction will be emailed to you and we’ll contact the family to activate their account.

  • Create a School Administrator account which allows you to create Teacher/Parent/Student accounts and place orders via our secure online portal.