Online Homeschool Math Curriculum With Live Math Help

Your child will be exclaiming, “Aha, now I get it!”

Taught by Alesia Blackwood, homeschool mom & high school math teacher, UnLock Math videos clearly explain math concepts.

Teaching students  not just “how”, but more importantly “why”.

It’s like students are in a virtual classroom, one-on-one with a masterful math teacher.

Don’t be surprised if your math struggler begins to look forward to math!


Online Homeschool Math Curriculum With Live Math Help

Provides everything needed for success in math, customizable to YOUR child.

As much or little practice as needed.

Plenty of review for those that need it, less if your child doesn’t.

Automated grading.

Detailed solutions.

Immediate feedback.

Printable textbook.

We’ve thought of everything.

Have questions about the math lessons?

Alesia Blackwood and her team are available for extra help M – F  9 am – 4 pm ET!

Learn by Doing

 Students continue learning during math exercises that encourage them to learn by doing.

Each math exercise is carefully designed to foster better learning & retention of concepts.

Interactive questions provide virtual manipulatives that deepen students understanding of math concepts.

Builds Confidence & Reduces Anxiety

Our engaging math lessons reduce cognitive overload, teaching one concept at a time, giving students one question at a time during exercises, and incorporating other brain-friendly teaching methods.

This eliminates stress & math anxiety as their confidence level explodes.

Confidence that carries forward to other areas of their life!


Looking for an online homeschool math curriculum that checks ALL your boxes?

Builds Confidence

Our online math courses are designed to build math confidence as students realize they CAN do it!

Reduces Anxiety

Each part of an UnLock Math online math course is developed to aleviate math anxiety, using the latest research into how the brain thinks, learns, and retains new concepts.

Scaffolded Instruction

Scaffolded instruction is used in order to guide students to deeper conceptual understanding.

Fosters Increased Retention

Great care has been taken in crafting each assigment in our homeschool math curriculum to increase retention of math concepts

Reduces Cognitive Overload

Brain-friendly math that reduces cognitive overload.

  • Concepts are introduced in bite-size chunks that students find easier to understand and apply.
  • Students view one question at a time in UnLock Math assignments.
  • No distractions.
  • Easy-to-read reference notes accompany each lesson.
  • Students are taught the why along with the how, giving them multiple clear examples in each lesson.
Detailed Solutions

Each question is followed by a detailed step-by-step solution, students never have to wonder where they went wrong.

Continual Support

Parents and students have access to continued support throughout the course.

Live Math Help

M-F 9am – 4pm ET students have access to expert math teachers through our online chat, email, telephone, or video call for extra help. No need to set an appointment, students receive help right when they need it!

Complete as Semester or Yearlong Course

Each full credit self-paced homeschool math course may be completed as a yearlong or a semester course.

Automated Grading & Detailed Reporting

You have access to Grades and more from your convenient Parent Dashboard. You may view each attempted assignment, when it was completed, how long was spent on it, and each score. You’ll also receive a weekly email of your child’s progress.

Unlimited Practice

Unlimited practice allows your child to master concepts. Each course contains over a hundred thousand possible questions.

Continual Review

Continual review keeps new skills fresh, locking concepts into long term memory.

Rigorous Complete Homeschoool Math Curriculum

UnLock Math is one of the most rigorous homeschool math curriculum on the market. Only AOPS exceeds the rigor of our courses.

Not Just Multiple Choice

We have numerous questions types that allow us to assess student understanding more comprehensively than other online math curriculum. Students will need to complete most math problems with pen(cil) and paper and enter their answers using an answer box or equation editor. Other questions are interactive and provide virtual manipulatives to deepen conceptual understanding.

Builds Real World Math Skills

UnLock Math students build real world math skills that translate to life. Our students go on to score high on standardized tests, college placment exams such as PERT & ACCUPLACER, and the ACT & SAT.

“Thank you for teaching my kids their high school math!! My oldest two did wonderful on their ACT’s and both received generous merit scholarships” -LP