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UnLock Math Reviews

Ann Karako - It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

What makes Unlock Math different? Here are just a few things:

  • Lessons represent bite-sized chunks of information for more confidence and less overwhelm. This is great for teens who have been struggling with math until now. Many testimonials in my Facebook group have said that Unlock Math turned math around for their teen!
  • Only one problem is shown on the screen at a time. Again, less overwhelm, more confidence—which translates to more success for your kid.
  • The videos show a real person! According to the Unlock Math website, “Studies have shown that students learn and remember information better if they SEE the teacher working through a problem vs voice-over type lessons.”
  • Your kid can have as much practice as they need, but they are not inundated with too many problems that must be completed before moving forward. There are 10 practice problems for each lesson (a reasonable number), but if your teen needs more, they can do more. And the new problems are not exactly the same as the ones they’ve already attempted, so they can’t just memorize the answers and keep moving forward. Gotta love that!
  • There is regular review built in. First, at the beginning of each lesson, there is a warm-up of 5 questions which focus on only the previous lesson. This reminds your kid of what they learned yesterday and gets them set up for success today. Then there are 10 questions at the end of the lesson which are pulled from several previous lessons, so your kid can’t forget what they’ve learned further in the past. This is not exactly spiral learning, because the lesson’s practice problems are not mixed in with the review problems; but in my opinion it is actually better, because your kid can focus on what they need to learn from today’s lesson, and THEN they can get more practice on what has gone before. Can you say “bye-bye confusion”?
  • There is a challenge problem after each lesson for the kid who loves math or who has really nailed down a particular concept. They can earn extra points and find new ways to use what they’re learning!
  • Every lesson provides reference notes for you to print or use online. It’s like having a textbook to refer back to so you don’t have to rewatch the video when you have a question. That’s a huge time-saver.
  • As with all online programs, quizzes and tests are given at appropriate intervals, and everything is graded for you. BUT with Unlock Math you have the power to modify any grade based on your kid and/or your circumstances. You have the ultimate control, without having to email anyone or do a bunch of recalculating for yourself. I really applaud this feature!
  • You also have control over when your kid can move forward, by setting a grade threshhold they must achieve. If their score is less than that threshhold, they must repeat the lesson. This prevents a lot of heartache that can occur with kids pushing through lessons that they really have no clue how to do, and you don’t find out until much later, and then so much time has been wasted, and there may be tears… (don’t ask me how I know). It’s also great for those who expect their kid to keep working until they achieve “mastery,” or 100%.
  • Also, as was mentioned about the practice problem sets, quizzes and tests can also be taken multiple times—with new questions generated each time—and the highest grade is the one that gets kept. Again, great for achieving mastery or for getting over that grade threshold and TRULY understanding, not just memorizing the answers enough to squeak by.
  • And last but certainly not least, in fact SO NOT LEAST, Unlock Math provides live chat support and unparalleled customer service. Your kid has a question? They can ask it! YOU have a question? You can email or call and find out what you need to know with no hassle. The Unlock Math family wants your kid to succeed, and they are committed to helping you make that happen by giving you all the support you require.

Can you tell I’m impressed?

Read the entire review AND watch a video walk through at, https://www.notthathardtohomeschool.com/unlock-online-math-curriculum/

Cathy Duffy - Cathy Duffy Reviews

“Alesia is a lively and animated presenter who is easy to understand. It’s very professionally designed with great graphics. Alesia’s use of the large digital screen to teach is much nicer than the whiteboard approach used by many courses.

The lessons are very clearly laid out and easy to follow, and they include everything you need—plenty of practice problems, cumulative review, the ability to review any lesson, tests, and complete solutions along with the answers.”

Read the full review at, https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-reviews-core-curricula/math/math-grades-7-8/unlockmath-review

SPED Homeschool

“Well thought out and designed, standards based, carefully constructed online learning platform that gives immediate feedback for every question and allows self pacing and/or skipping of skills already known as well as continual repetition and review of concepts previously learned. It allows review of concepts that are not understood and It offers a way for parents to move their child through skills at the child’s pace with clearly taught manageable lessons containing reasonable amounts of practice items per lesson. Online chat and or phone chat is available as a student works through lessons as well.”

More, with a video review at, http://spedhomeschool.com/unlock-math-curriculum-partner/

Academics Choice

“Unlock Math has great appeal as a homeschooling tool. The site is easy to navigate and easy to get started. There are sections for parents to check the accuracy and progress of your child’s work. Unlock Math presents its lessons in a visual manner, with a flow chart for each component of the lesson. There is a warm-up, a video lesson, practice problems, stay sharp exercises, and a Challenge Yourself assessment for each lesson. An entire course includes around 16 units, with each unit containing around 7 lessons with quizzes throughout each unit. There are unit reviews and a unit test for each of the units within a course. The printable materials are a huge bonus for pencil-paper practice. Unlock Math is a game-changer for advanced math courses for homeschooling. I would highly recommend UnLock Math to any secondary students!”

More at, http://www.academicschoice.com/websites/unlock-math.php

Alana Satterly - I Have a Future and a Hope

“Let me just say this, I have never had a math teacher as fun as Alesia Blackwood, I wish I had. She is enthusiastic and fun to watch. Your children will not be bored, but intrigued. She is bubbly, and teaches the lessons in a very fun way where they will remember what is being taught. ”

Read the full review at, https://www.ihaveafutureandahope.com/2015/07/unlock-pre-algebra-by-unlock-math-homeschool-math-curriculum/

Note: We have had numerous updates since Alana reviewed UnLock Math, adding features and have an all new navigation.

De-Shaun Jordan - Little Learner and Mom

“My son is working his way through the Unlock Foundations curriculum. The Unlock Foundations is perfect for us at this time because it is preparing him for pre-algebra and finding gaps and making sure he has a solid foundation of fundamentals skills he needs in order to be successful in Pre-Algebra.”

Read the full review at, https://littlelearnerandmom.com/2022/04/22/unlock-math-unlock-math-foundations-review/