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Meet your new homeschool math curriculum for grades 6-12. Get ready to watch your children achieve greater success in math as we unlock their true math potential!

Message From Alesia Blackwood, Homeschool Mom of 5, and the Founder & Teacher of Unlock Math

We could tell you how great our math program is, instead read what parents like yourselves have to say...

Unlocked Confidence For Our Daughter
"Our daughter began to struggle in math because each year there were skills she wasn't fully comprehending and the deficits were gradually piling up. Finally it got to the point where she hated math and was so discouraged that she began to believe she couldn't go to college because of her math struggles. Enter Unlock Math. After switching to Unlock Math as a last ditch effort she finally turned the corner. She gained so much confidence as she began to fully understand the skills that she had struggled with previously. She loved the format and is now in her first semester of community college, studying to be a nurse. I truly don't think she would be where she is without the skills and confidence she gained through Unlock Math." - Liz
Unlock Math? YES PLEASE!!
"Unlock Math is the perfect fit for our family. Bite sized sessions without any busy work or fluff. Easy for kids to navigate, convenient for parents to monitor and detailed weekly reports (without fail) keeps the finger on the pulse." - Daniele
Program explains difficult concepts…
"Program explains difficult concepts well & then has lots of review until concept is mastered. Each problem has an explanation, so there is never a question on how to get to the correct answer. We have been homeschooling over 20 years and this is the best math program we have used." - Kathy
"Wonderful!!! Very organized, user friendly and so much fun to watch and listen to. With the explanations, my child understands the simplicity of Maths. What took my child more than a year to understand, with Unlock Maths she got it in just a few minutes!! Thank you soo soooo much!!" - Chantel
"Unlock Math has changed our school experience for the better! I love it and so does our child. She now looks forward to math and the confidence it has given her is incredible. This curriculum has been a huge blessing!" - Katie
Best Online Math Program!
"The only math program that worked for four of my children with different abilities, from struggling learners to gifted. Two of them are in college now with full ride scholarships- due to a high math score in the SAT test. It’s a challenging, college preparatory math program ( definitely “honors”) but the videos are concise yet comprehensive, making math easy to understand. Plus, if the student struggles, there is always support literally at the student’s fingertips through the online instant tutoring which is included in the subscription. Outstanding support and customer service – they're always there to assist whenever needed. Highly recommended!" - Rodica
Amazing program
"Amazing program, Fantastic Teacher, Wonderful Support. We love everything about Unlock Math! My son's love for math has truly been unlocked 🔓 🔑" - Stephanie
Great Program
"Great Program! It is well brokendown for the student yet thorough and easy for the teacher/parent as well. Both of my teens struggled with math programs but Unlock Math has helped tremendously." - LC
I had been searching all over for a…
"I had been searching all over for a more hands off type math curriculum for my teenage son. We tried a few other programs and they seem to have left out several steps in lessons or explained in such a way that I couldn’t even understand how to solve the problems from the video lessons. I came across Unlock and tried some videos with my son. The lessons were simple enough for us both and I decided then that I should sign him up. I really needed something that I could also follow along in case he didn’t understand. He’s hardly needed any help at all and he’s scoring so highly on every practice and test. He comes to be almost daily to express how excited he is that he’s learned a new math lesson to the point that he can do it himself without asking for assistance. Everything is taught at such a smooth pace, without rush, and without lack of detail. Too many curriculums tend to teach a lesson but the problems don’t match and there’s always some step they didn’t teach. Not with Unlock though. Every lesson is taught in detail. We love it!" - Lyndsey
2 years in
"I have younger children to educate and I needed my middle school aged daughter to have the ability to accomplish her math without my constant input. I did a lot of research and tried out several well known programs. Unlock math consistently came out on top. If she has to redo a section, it gives her whole new set of problems instead of the same problems, which I had heard from other parents caused kids to have correct answers by writing down without any understanding like TT. The teaching videos explain not only how to do the math, but also why, unlike CTC. There are 10 good review questions at the beginning, 10 questions after a lesson, and a bonus challenge question, it's not drill and kill like Saxon. You can set the grade that you expect for them to have to make in order to move on, I have hers at 80%. She mistypes things in sometimes and that offers a little bit of grace. Her current grade is just a bit above 90% because that's where she likes to keep it. I don't feel I need to change things. If she's doing the unit review before the quizzes and forgets a concept, there's a video to click that takes you directly to that lesson above the question. She can easily brush up on and remember how to complete a problem. I think she has asked for my assistance only two or three times in the past 2 years. I also know that if I couldn't answer the question, they have set up the ability to chat and lead her through it or to call in. She's learning a lot and enjoys it. It's been a great program for us. We plan on using it all the way up through precalculus and using it with her younger brothers." - Charlie

We're a Cathy Duffy Top Pick For Homeschool Math Curriculum!

We're a Cathy Duffy Top Pick

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