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UnLock Math Lesson page

Easy to follow path for each lesson

1. Warm-Up

We begin with a brief warm up covering material from the previous lesson.

2. Learn

Engaging, clearly explained video teaching one concept at a time so students don’t become overloaded with information.

3. Practice Problems

Students practice JUST what is learned in the video. After each question students may view a detailed solution. Problems increase in difficulty level as they progress, gently guiding them to deeper understanding.

4. Stay Sharp

Material from previous lessons is reviewed so that concepts are touched on throughout the course, locking  them into long term memory. Have a student that needs less review? Skip.

5. Challenge Yourself

We include one Challenge question per lesson that gives students a chance to earn “extra credit” and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them “outside the box” thinking.

Printable Reference Notes are available, the exact ones Alesia uses when teaching the lesson.


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3. Select Free Trial

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Courses include:


Customer Testimonials

How UnLock Math Works

Warm Up

Each day your child will begin with a brief  Warm Up covering material from the day before. This does two things. 1st, it’s a quick check to let us know that they remember what they learned. 2nd, it helps their brain to switch gears into “math mode” getting them ready for the days lesson.

Video Lesson

Then it’s time for the engaging video lesson taught by Alesia Blackwood, utilizing her unique style of breaking math concepts into bite-size chunks that are easier to understand & apply! Studies have shown that students learn & remember better if they SEE the teacher work through a problem vs voice over type videos.

Practice Problems

Next, they’ll have a Practice Problem set covering JUST what they learned in the video. They may open as many sets of Practice Problems (with NEW questions each time) as needed and we’ll record their best effort to their Gradebook.  This format was designed to encourage  students to work to mastery.

Stay Sharp

After Practice Problems they move on to a Stay Sharp review covering material from previous lessons so that concepts they’ve learned are touched on throughout the year. This keeps new skills fresh, locking  concepts into their long term memory. You don’t have to worry if they’re remembering concepts!

Challenge Yourself

We include a Challenge Yourself question that is a student favourite! It’s a chance to earn “extra credit” and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them “outside the box” thinking when it comes to math.

Quiz, Review, and Test

Every 2 or 3 days students complete a 5 question Quiz after the daily lesson, making sure they don’t need to review a concept before moving on. Units conclude with a Unit Review and a Unit Test and we also give a Mid-term and a Final Review & Test.

Automatic Grading

You have access to Grades & more from your convenient Parent Dashboard. You may view each attempted assignment, when it was completed, how long was spent on it, and each score. You’ll also receive a weekly email of your child’s progress.

Online Chat With Teachers

A safety net for your child! We have qualified math teachers standing so that extra help for you and your child is only a click away!  At  UnLock Math we’ve thought of everything and designed a program that doesn’t leave you on your own! Relax & leave math to us!


Safe and Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Refunds Work?

With a 30 day no risk money back guarantee, your payment will be returned in full. Simply request a refund by emailing

Is UnLock Math a Complete Curriculum?

Yes. Each UnLock Math course has been designed to be used as a complete curriculum with reference notes that accompany the video lessons along with our adaptive Advanced Assessment system.

What is the Recommended Way of Taking Each Course?

Each UnLock Math course has been designed to be best used by going through the lessons in sequential order. This ensures that no gaps develop. Each lesson builds upon previously learned concepts. Conversely each lesson CAN be taken out of order for those students needing help in particular concepts and using UnLock Math as an online tutor

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Lesson/Course?

Each Unlock Math lesson will take about 20 – 90 minutes to complete depending on the course and the concept being covered in the Lesson. With normal pacing you can expect to complete a course in 9 months. As each course is completely self-paced this can be done faster or more slowly depending upon the individual student.

Are There Printable Materials?

Yes. Each UnLock Math course includes a complete set of reference notes that can be viewed and/or printed for your convenience. Progress & Grade Reports may also be viewed and/or printed. Also, each Unit include one Printable Assignment for those who need to turn in work samples.

Is Progress Tracked Online?

Yes. Each UnLock Math course has been designed so that every quiz and test is taken in our virtual learning environment with immediate feedback for each assignment, test or quiz. Progress is tracked and grades kept in your child’s  Report Card that they may view each time they login. You have access to their Report Card and Gradebook, for more indepth reporting, in your Parent Account.

Do You Accept Purchase Orders from Charter Schools?

Absolutely! We are an approved vendor for many schools already and welcome the opportunity to serve more.

I Use Parental Internet Control Software, What urls do I Need to Enter to Ensure UnLock Math Functions Properly?

Just three, and It is also important to remember to allow popups as our Testing & Assessment platform pops up in a separate window. JavaScript™ and cookies must also be enabled.

How do I Add a Student Account?
  1. Click on the blue “Add New Student” button
  2.  Fill out student information
  3. Leave email field blank if student doesn’t have one (cannot be Parent email)
Do You Have Placement Tests?

At this time we do not have placement tests. We do however have two options.

  1.  Email us at to schedule a personalized placement consultation.
  2. . During the free trial have your student take the Final Review assignments for Pre-Algebra to determine if they are ready for Algebra I, or what your situation dictates.
Can my student progress to the next course during their subscription?

Yes, this is easily accomplished from your Parent account. Check out our Modify Subscriptions guide on the support tab of your account for instructions.