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Benefits of UnLock Math Homeschool Math Curriculum

Builds Confidence

Our online math courses are designed to build math confidence in students as they begin to realize they CAN do it!

Reduces Anxiety

Each part of an UnLock Math online math course is developed to aleviate math anxiety, using the latest research into how the brain thinks, learns, and retains new concepts.

Scaffolded Instruction

Scaffolded instruction is used in order to guide students to deeper conceptual understanding.

Fosters Increased Retention

Great care has been taken in crafting our exercises to increase retention of math concepts.

Detailed Solutions

Each question is followed by a detailed step-by-step solution so that students never have to wonder where they went wrong.

Lessens Cognitive Overload

Concepts are introduced in bite-size chunks that students find easier to understand and apply.

Continual Support

Parents and students have access to continued support throughout the course.

Live Math Help

M-F 9am – 4pm ET students can access expert teachers through our online chat, email, or telephone for extra help. No need to set an appointment, get help right when they need it!

Complete as Semester or Yearlong Course

Each full credit self-paced course may be completed as a yearlong or a semester course.

Easy to follow path for each lesson

UnLock Math Lesson page

1. Warm-Up

Brief Warm-Up covering material from the previous lesson.

2. Learn

Engaging video taught by Alesia Blackwood, who clearly explains math concepts in a way that is easier to understand & apply!

3. Practice

Set of Practice Problems covering JUST the concepts in the video. After each question students view a step-by-step detailed solution.

4. Review

A Stay Sharp set of problems covering material from previous lessons, so concepts are touched on throughout the course, locking  them into long term memory.

5. Challenge

A Challenge Yourself question that’s a student favourite! It’s a chance to earn “extra credit” and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them “outside the box” thinking.

No more tears!

Math is explained clearly and thoroughly, so that math strugglers are able to succeed.  Math anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

See student success

Developed to fill knowledge gaps & build skill level. Often students see explosive progress after switching to UnLock Math.

Get a hands-off complete curriculum

We take care of everything. Hand over all the teaching, testing, grading, and EXTRA HELP to us so you can get other things done.

Unlimited practice & review

Students have acces to as much or little practice and review as needed.

Detailed solutions

After each question students are able to view a detailed step-by-step solution.

Online chat with teachers

Have questions about the math lessons? Alesia Blackwood and her team are available for extra help!

“I LOVE Unlock Math …

it’s a self paced online program with fabulous video instruction. The instructor explains why and how and then works through problems visually and verbally. It’s mastery based and has unlimited practice or if they already know the material they can move on. If they get the problem wrong, there is a detailed solution so they can learn how to do the problem. It also reviews topics from earlier lessons and has challenge problems for those who want to challenge themselves. You can even get help from them as you need it via chat, email or phone. I have two kids on it (that have very different learning styles) and they both like it and are really learning and understanding the math. It’s so well organized and I don’t have to teach, organize or print anything. I can not say enough great things.” – Jill Klein

Mother daughter enjoying UnLock Math

Ever bought a homeschool curriculum that had great reviews, promised to be open & go, only to regret your purchase because it wasn’t the right fit for your family?

It’s happened to us, on more than one occasion.
That’s why we let you try our curriculum 14 days without a credit card. Plus we give you a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Check us out, kick the tires, and see if we can turn math around in your home like we’ve done for so many others. We want to be your last math curriculum.


UnLock Math Features

Engaging Instruction

Engaging video instruction for multiple learning styles for each Lesson.

Actionable Reporting

Be proactive with at-a-glance and deep dive reporting.

Complete Curriculum

Includes everything needed for student success.

Reference Notes

View or print daily, or print all at once and have your own UnLock Math textbook.

Any Device Access

Desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, Android, and Apple phones. All your students need is wifi.

Cathy Duffy of Cathy Duffy Reviews says,

“Alesia is a lively and animated presenter who is easy to understand. It’s very professionally designed with great graphics. Alesia’s use of the large digital screen to teach is much nicer than the whiteboard approach used by many courses.

The lessons are very clearly laid out and easy to follow, and they include everything you need—plenty of practice problems, cumulative review, the ability to review any lesson, tests, and complete solutions along with the answers.”

Cathy Duffy

Note: If you need help with the placement of your student in the proper level, contact us at 705-559-3830 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm ET M-F, or contact us via chat or email if you’d like us to call you, for a free personal math placement consultation.

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