UnLock Math: For Parents | UnLock Your Child’s Math Potential

No more tears!

Math is taught in a way that kids just “get.” Math anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

See student success

Get students back on track quickly so they can achieve their goals.

Get a hands-off curriculum

Relax! We take care of everything. Hand over all the teaching, testing and grading to us so you can get other things done.

Unlimited practice & review

Every assignment (except Challenge Yourself) may be retaken multiple times, each time we generate NEW questions, and we use the best attempt when calculating grades.

Online chat with teachers

A safety net for your child! We have teachers standing by so that when it comes to your child’s math education NOTHING is left to chance!

Easy to follow path for each lesson

1. Warm-Up

Five questions covering material from the previous lesson.

2. Learn

Engaging video that breaks math concepts into bite-size chunks that are easier to understand & apply!

3. Practice Problems

Ten questions covering JUST the concepts in the video. After each question students view a complete solution.

4. Stay Sharp

Ten  questions covering material from previous lessons so concepts are touched on throughout the course, locking  them into long term memory.

5. Challenge Yourself

Gives students a chance to earn “extra credit” and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them “outside the box” thinking.

Say goodbye to math anxiety.

A lot of kids come to UnLock Math with bad feelings about math. Overwhelmed. Frustrated. Defeated. Even fearful. Watch your student transform to a confident, successful math student in just a few lessons.

Say goodbye to math battles.

Math doesn’t have to be a daily struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the hassle, and save the time and effort that a math session usually takes?

Say goodbye to math road-blocks.

Your child’s path may or may not include college, but it’s nice to have the option. UnLock Math will prepare your student for a wide-open future.

Are you tired of dealing with your student’s frustration with math?

Are you worried your student is falling farther and farther behind?

Do you wonder whether you’re wasting your time in trying to explain math concepts because your student shuts down?

Doing nothing means none of that changes.

On the other hand, you can try UnLock Math for free for 14 days. It’s guaranteed for another 30 days. And that’s plenty of time to discover how much UnLock Math can do for the both of you.

  • Rest assured that your student is learning required concepts
  • Easily track your student’s progress
  • Prepare your student for standardized tests and higher-level math.
  • Watch your student feel the joy of success

You really have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

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UnLock Math Features

Engaging Instruction

Engaging video with multiple examples for each Lesson.

Actionable Reporting

Be proactive with at-a-glance and deep dive reporting.

Complete Curriculum

Includes everything needed for student success.

Reference Notes

View or print daily, or print all at once and have your own UnLock Math textbook.

Any Device Access

Desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, Android, and Apple phones. All your students need is wifi.

UnLock Your Child’s Math Potential!

Experience math without anxiety, frustration or tears. We do ALL the teaching, testing, and grading. You can relax and leave math to us!

Note: If you need help placing your student, contact us at 705-559-3830 between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm ET for a free personal consultation.

Cathy Duffy of Cathy Duffy Reviews says,

“Alesia is a lively and animated presenter who is easy to understand. It’s very professionally designed with great graphics. Alesia’s use of the large digital screen to teach is much nicer than the whiteboard approach used by many courses.

The lessons are very clearly laid out and easy to follow, and they include everything you need—plenty of practice problems, cumulative review, the ability to review any lesson, tests, and complete solutions along with the answers.”

Cathy Duffy