March 15, 2016

Win A Free Year Of UnLock Math!

We’re doing it again! Giving away an entire year of UnLock Math, valued at $299, to one lucky winner. Our interesting lessons are taught in a clear & engaging manner by a real teacher breaking the math into bite-size chunks that your child will find easy to understand and apply. UnLock Math’s unique approach engages your child in the learning process, reducing their anxiety while giving them the confidence & skill to succeed at math. No longer an outsider looking into the world of mathematics, they’ll have a strong foundation for the future.

As we approach 5000 fans on Facebook it’s exciting for us to see the feedback that we’ve received from parents and students alike. I’d like to share a few UnLock Math success stories for those of you just becoming aware of UnLock Math, this will give you an idea of what to expect


From Kathleen Piper, “I wanted to give you an update on Katie’s experience with dyscalculia and UnLock Math. I can honestly say this has been our best year of math EVER! She even said she was proud of herself – math and proud – I never thought I would hear that! So, I think it is safe to say, this is a program we will be sticking with


I know dyscalculia can present in different ways, but for Katie, this format is working.”

From Tracie-Lynn Burt, “When I first learned of UnLock Math, I was curious, intrigued, and desperate to find a curriculum that would help my child who was struggling with math. I had unsuccessfully tried many other homeschool curriculums, and as a former elementary math teacher, I was discouraged. UnLock Math was an answer to prayer. My child has been challenged, been stretched, and with Alesia’s guidance, has succeeded. Today I overheard my child telling a younger child, “I love mixed numbers. I can show you how to do that.” That confidence, that willingness to engage, is a result of UnLock Math. Thank you!”

From Lindsey Mote, “My 10-year-old daughter absolutely loves UnLock Math! We’ve tried a variety of math curriculum over the last year and a half of homeschooling, but none of them seemed to be just the right fit. She prefers video lectures as opposed to reading a textbook (she’s a very visual learner) and needs just the *right* amount of repetition… too much and she gets bored, too little and she forgets what she learns. I love the ability to print out reference notes for her binder – she can follow along in those notes without having to pause the video to take her own, and she can go back to look up a formula if she forgot it. The lecture videos are short and to the point, and Mrs. Blackwood is a fun and energetic teacher. This curriculum has taken the stress out of Algebra for both of us!”

Here are a few of our GREAT reviews:

“This curriculum is a must for your family if you have a child in Pre-Algebra…  Alana Satterly

“UnLock Math is the Cadillac of all virtual math programs! – Lisa Keva

“Alesia is the math teacher I would have wanted! Her enthusiasm and ability to break down the information into relatable concepts is a gift… – Ammy Quinn

You may view more reviews at UnLock Math Reviews.

If you would like to read more about our amazing homeschool math program click How it Works. If you would like to experience the best homeschool math curriculum (named #1 Homeschool Curriculum of 2015 by Tales of a Homeschool Family!), our giveaway is perfect for you! The winner will get to choose either UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra1, or UnLock Algebra2 (available August 2016) for one child and they’ll have complete access for a FULL year.

Hurry, this amazing giveaway ends April 15th, 2016! Good luck! We’ll reveal the winner on Monday April 18, 2016