March 22, 2016

Here’s What’s Keeping Us Up At Night!

On January 8th, 2016 we were blessed with a handsome little boy, Zalen Kirby. Now two and a half months later we’re still getting accustomed to the lack of sleep that a newborn brings into your life

His older brothers and sister, (Gabriel 10, Taiven 8, and Samaya 3) have welcomed him with open arms and plenty of kisses. This last addition to our family brings joy and tiredness into our lives daily. He is so alert and coos continually to his siblings, it won’t be long until he is wanting to join them on their outdoor adventures but for now we try to remember treasure the moments while he’s little. If you’ve had a newborn you know of course that at 2 or 3 in the morning that’s easier said than done

We’ve also continued work on UnLock Algebra2 and are on pace for a release date of August 1st, 2016. I’ll be putting the scope and sequence up in the next couple of weeks, though up until it’s release we may make small improvements. I’ll also be placing it on the website for purchase for those of you who wish to purchase with your tax refund. You’ll be able to set your start date up to six months in the future and you’ll also be able to change your start date should you need to.

We’re also getting really excited about beginning UnLock Geometry, UnLock Pre-Calculus, and UnLock Calculus to round out our high school level subjects. Lower grades are also something that we are looking at tackling in the near future as we have had a LOT of requests for K-6 math.

The feedback that we’ve received from you, the parents and students of UnLock Pre-Algebra & UnLock Algebra1, has exceeded our expectations! Hearing your stories, when you write and tell us the changes that you’ve observed and how your children are doing, helps us get through the tough days when the lack of sleep from a newborn combined with all the stresses of running a startup and developing new courses has got us a little frazzled

We knew that we wanted to be the best homeschool math program available and that’s what we’re hearing back from you. Thank you for being the BEST customers that a young company such as ours could possibly have! I know that I’ve spoken to many of you personally through phone calls and emails and I really appreciate your understanding when we’re encountering a technical issue and your love for how Alesia teaches. I’ve been her biggest fan for nearly 15 years now, we met in October of 2001, and knew that she was an AWESOME teacher but seeing it confirmed by so many around the world means the world to me!