January 4, 2016

FREE Math Videos To Help Homeschool Families

Every weekday in January and February of 2016 we’re going to post 1 FREE math video at www.facebook.com/UnLockMath just for you! We’ll also be placing these videos at www.youtube.com/user/UnLockMathVideo Why are we doing this? We get a lot of requests for help with younger grade levels than what we currently serve (middle & high school). And because we began our first course (UnLock Pre-Algebra) with 5 Units of Review we actually have already created quite a lot of content that can be useful to you. Keep in mind that these videos presuppose a certain amount of knowledge and we don’t go into as much depth on the subjects as we would if we had designed them with the younger grades in mind. We designed these math teaching videos to help fill gaps that kids could have come into Pre-Algebra and that could hold them back if not addressed. However, we have A LOT, 40+, videos that we’ll be putting out there for you that CAN help your younger students to grasp concepts that they may be struggling to understand. And best of all we do the teaching for you!

Here are a few of the subjects that we’ll cover for you to help YOUR Homeschool Math this year be easier and less stressful. For a complete list go to https://www.unlockmath.com/curriculum/pre-algebra and take a look at our first 5 Units. Let us know in the comments below how we can continue to help you have the best homeschool math experience possible.

  • 1. Whole Numbers
  • 2. Place Value & Expanded Notation
  • 3. Rounding
  • 4. Roman Numerals
  • 5. Patterns
  • 6. Introduction to Integers
  • 7. Integers & Absolute Value
  • 8. Graphing Integers on a Number Line
  • 9. Comparing & Ordering Integers
  • 10. Adding Integers
  • 11. Subtracting Integers
  • 12. Multiplying Integers
  • 13. Dividing Integers