Reviews of UnLock Math

 "This curriculum is a must for your family...

"I have not found another math program that comes close to the explanation from a real teacher teaching the lessons. I believe this helps the students who are especially visual learners. The graphics are above and beyond, and the presentation is always fun. Let me just say this, I have never had a math teacher as fun as Alesia Blackwood, I wish I had. She is enthusiastic and fun to watch. Your children will not be bored, but intrigued. She is bubbly, and teaches the lessons in a very fun way where they will remember what is being taught." - Alana Satterly, I Have a Future and a Hope


 "UnLock Math is the Cadillac of all virtual math programs!

  • Each lesson contains a full blown demonstration where the teacher is heard AND seen.
  • State of the art touch screen board is used to demonstrate new math concepts.
  • Students work their practice problems through MapleSoft – a testing & assessment platform utilized by many colleges and universities worldwide.
  • First-class upgrades allow UnLock Math to move past offering voiced-over, stagnant graphics with multiple choice questions as the only testing option.
  • UnLock Math seeks to help students grow in their math abilities over simply passing a test!

"One thing we believe strongly in this house is not moving on to a new concept until the present concept has been mastered. I was pleased to see that I was able to keep my daughter in a particular lesson working on the practice problems until she mastered the concept! And this in particular was with Subtracting Integers. We had had no problems up until this point, but some reason, this concept wasn’t sticking. So, we spent a week just working and reworking this lesson. Finally it stuck and she moved on. Amazingly since we took extra time where it was needed, she absolutely cruised through Multiplying Integers with lightning speed! That’s my girl! And this is a program that does her good adapting to her needs!" - Lisa Keva, Tales of a Homeschool Family


 "Alesia is the math teacher I would have wanted! Her enthusiasm and ability to break down the information into relatable concepts is a gift. 

"UnLock Math is an online math curriculum that uses a comprehensive teaching theory using video, computers, and a teacher. Alesia Blackwood is a high school math teacher and mother of (almost) four children. She understands from years in the classroom how many students just don't get math. In her testimonial, she explains that by the time many of her students reach her room, they've already decided they just aren't "math" people. But her innovative, engaging, and positive teaching skills can soon turn their minds the other way. My daughter has been one of them." - Ammy Quinn, Abundantly Blessed


 "When UnLock Math claims they will melt your child’s math anxiety, they mean it!

"On a scale from 1-5 Brent and I give UnLock Math a 10! After watching only the first lesson with Brent, I knew this math program was a winner. Alesia’s enthusiasm for math is contagious. She truly has a gift of making math a not-so-boring subject. I must say I have not seen anything like UnLock Math on the market. The technology of using a large digital screen was a brilliant idea. The graphics help keep the child’s attention and the zeal of the teacher really makes this a unique math program. Now if I can only talk Alesia into adding UnLock Grammar and UnLock Writing!" - Linda, Homeschooling6

"Great for kids on the spectrum...

"UnLock Math is a unique, online based Math program that features online practice, videos with a REAL teacher (whom Mr. B has a crush on I think HAHA!) and online tests and quizzes. The program is great for kids on the spectrum, or visual learners who also need a visual chart for task management. We REALLY love UnLock Math. It is easy to log in, provide excellent visual task reminders, and Mr. B truly learns from it. HIGHLY recommended!" - Missica, Through The Open Window

"lessons are very clearly laid out, easy to follow, and include everything you need... offers an online Pre-Algebra course that students can access at any time—no live classes to work into your schedule. UnlockMath includes online problem solving, interactive and adaptive testing, grading, and reporting. In addition, there are unlimited Practice Problems on each lesson’s topic plus continuous review with Stay Sharp problems. If students want to do more than one set of Practice Problems or Stay Sharp problems, the program generates new sets of problems and the student’s best score is recorded.

The format of the course is very easy to follow. Each lesson comes up on a screen showing all lesson components. Students start with a warm-up activity with five problems to solve based on previously learned material. The video lesson is next. Alesia, the instructor for this course, presents video lessons standing in front of an animated screen rather than a whiteboard. She teaches one problem at a time teaching and demonstrating with numerous examples. She is a lively and animated presenter who is easy to understand.

While some problems requires students to either enter a numeric answer into a box or select a multiple choice answer, at least four other types of student response formats are used. For example, some questions require that students sketch the answer with drawing tools provided in the program. (Students might need to play with the tools for a few minutes to figure out how they work since they are fairly sophisticated.) Students are most likely to use sketching tools for answering questions that require them to graph lines or inequalities on a coordinate plane.

The course progresses through units on equations, inequalities, the coordinate plane, decimals, percent, polynomials, triangles, two-dimensional geometry, three-dimensional geometry, analyzing data, and probability and statistics. While plenty of attention is given to review, the course covers challenging course content that should prepare students well for any first year algebra course..." - Cathy Duffy, Cathy Duffy Reviews


The Homeschool Scientist Reviews UnLock Pre-Algebra Interactive Online Homeschool Math Curriculum "UnLock Math stands out to us...

"UnLock Math uses video lessons from a great instructor who is obviously excited about teaching math. She makes the lessons engaging and interesting offering several ways to visualize and understand each concept...This is a very well thought out, thorough math curriculum. We have tried several others and while they all had their strengths, UnLock Math stands out to us." - Marci Goodwin, The Homeschool Scientist


 "UnLock Math has saved us these last few months!

"Math can be a really difficult subject for a lot of us for a multitude of reasons, but I want to show you a program that I think can really help with some of the difficulty. I'm really excited about this! Noah is actually really enjoying math... Only one question at a time was displayed on the screen. Noah made sure I knew to include this in my review. He said he can get really frustrated looking at 30 math problems at a time, but one-by-one feels much more attainable...Every grade is recorded automatically for you. I love this because it's like a little teacher fairy did all my grading in all the ways I would want it and saved it all. I love to be able to browse through the grade book and easily see all the information I need to see... UnLock Math has saved us these last few months!" - Alicia Hutchinson, Investing Love

 "Alesia is energetic as well as knowledgeable and those qualities shine throughout this program...

A lot of homeschool parents get nervous about upper-level math. I think one of those reasons is that we ourselves did not do well in math, or we haven’t used the concepts in our lives and so our skills are a bit rusty. Enter fellow homeschool mom Alesia and UnLock Math! The Pre-Algebra course is a complete online course that covers everything from whole numbers to probability. Each lesson contains a warm-up, engaging video, practice problems, notes, and a challenge. One of the things I liked most about this program is that it truly was interactive. The questions were not all multiple choice, so my middle schooler couldn’t just “guess to pass”. The questions are adaptive as well, meaning they get more difficult as your child masters the subject..." - Aadel Bussinger, These Temporary Tents


 "when my 12yo son and I turned on the first lesson, my 17yo stopped to watch the fun!

"Because of UnLock Math's unique setup, math anxiety is reduced. Children aren’t trying to learn math in a foreign learning style. Your child learns the way they learn best...Material is presented in all three learning styles. If they aren’t quite following the video, the lecture will elaborate. Working the problem will focus their attention...Speaking of focused attention, Unlock Math Prealgebra only shows one problem of math. This means your child only sees ONE question at a time. It focuses their complete attention on the problem at hand...Showing one questions prevents them from being overwhelmed with unending math problems. The dreaded page of “math” that often causes anxiety..." - Sara Dennis, Classically Homeschooling


 "UnLock Math has literally unlocked the joy of math for my son...

"UnLock Math has literally unlocked the joy of math for my son.  He logs onto his personal account and listens to the video lesson (about 5-7 minutes long), completes a set of practice problems, completes a set of extra practice problems if he feels he needs to, and answers a challenge question...The best part is that I can immediately see how he has done on his lesson, see which ones he needs to work on (if any), and look at his grades…they’re all saved for us! Parents can avoid the hassle of grading homework and tests with UnLock Math’s automated grading process. What I loved best about this process was that upon submitting his answers, he could click on “View Details” and each problems would be solved step-by-step. If he got a problem wrong, he was able to read through the solution and identify where he went wrong..." - Eva Varga,


  "UnLock Math shows how to work accurately, fast, and responsible... 

"I can see that my son can do anything by himself once I gave him the username and the password. I don’t need to help at all. Although it is not a game based, he just can operate it with a blink...He can go and review whenever he wants to. I think it is important as a strong foundation in basic will make the next step smoother...He is very happy as he can see only one question at once...he is not going to be discouraged reading so many questions..." - Adelien Tan, Blessed Learners