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“We found UnLock Math last year and it has changed our lives! The step by step approach and constant review are excellent! The teacher does a great job presenting the material. There is immediate feedback so my daughter knows if she got a problem right or wrong - and she will rework a problem until she gets it right! Her attitude towards math has completely changed!"- Alyson from NC

What Others Are Saying About UnLock Math... 

"UnLock Math has really taken the stress & frustration out of math instruction for my son! The program has taken difficult concepts and broken them down into easy to understand chunks. He loves that he can watch a video over, to make sure that he understands each concept. Our family looks forward to continuing our relationship with UnLock Math as our other 3 children reach Pre-Algebra level!" - Karlene McCoy, parent

“UnLock Math is a new program out of Canada, and it is WONDERFUL. It follows a very logical path, building one skill upon another. Each lesson is well constructed and communication from the creators when we need help is amazing.” - Lisa Wadley, parent

More Testimonials and Reviews

"Our family uses this program and we have been so pleased with the results. Our daughter who struggled in math is now WANTING to do her math with UnLock Math, even on the weekends and over the holidays. Great program!" - Mark Lawrence, parent
"This is a very well thought out, thorough math curriculum. We have tried several others and while they all had their strengths, UnLock Math stands out to us..." - Marci Goodwin, The Homeschool Scientist
"Because of UnLock Math's unique setup, math anxiety is reduced. Children aren’t trying to learn math in a foreign learning style. Your child learns the way they learn best..." - Sara Dennis, Classically Homeschooling
"UnLock Math has literally unlocked the joy of math for my son..." - Eva Varga,
"UnLock Math has saved us these last few months!" - Alicia Hutchinson, Investing Love
"Alesia is energetic as well as knowledgeable and those qualities shine throughout this program..." - Aadel Bussinger, These Temporary Tents



* Voted #1 Homeschool Math Curriculum by the readers of "Practical Homeschooling" magazine in the 2017 i-Learn Awards.

*Family Discount: Buy 1 monthly or annual subscription and receive 50% off each additional subscription of equal or lesser value that you purchase for a sibling.