UnLock Pre-Algebra

UnLock Pre-Algebra Scope & Sequence

Take a look at our scope and the sequence in which the lessons are placed. Our lessons break math into bite-size chunks and build one concept upon another in a logical fashion that enhances learning and reduces math anxiety. The first 5 Units review concepts that your child should already be familiar with. This is to ensure that they don't have any "gaps" that could hold them back as they move ahead. It also serves to build their confidence before we move to the more complex concepts.


Unit 1    Whole Numbers

1.1          Introduction to Whole Numbers
1.2          Place Value of Whole Numbers
1.3          Rounding Whole Numbers

1.4          Roman Numerals

1.5          Patterns


Unit 2    Integers

2.1          Introduction to Integers
2.2          Integers & Absolute Value
2.3          Graphing Integers on a Number Line
2.4          Comparing & Ordering Integers
2.5          Adding Integers
2.6          Subtracting Integers
2.7          Multiplying Integers
2.8          Dividing Integers

Unit 3    Variables and Expressions

3.1          Introduction to Variables & Expressions
3.2          Writing Expressions
3.3          Evaluating Expressions
3.4          Order of Operations
3.5          Equivalent Expressions
3.6          Evaluating Expressions using Substitution
3.7          Properties of Real Numbers
3.8          Like Terms
3.9          Distributive Property

Unit 4    Rational Numbers

4.1          Introduction to Rational Numbers
4.2          Divisibility
4.3          Factors & Multiples
4.4          Prime Numbers
4.5          Prime Factors
4.6          Exponents
4.7          Greatest Common Factor
4.8          Least Common Multiple

Unit 5    Fractions

5.1          Introduction to Fractions
5.2          Equivalent Fractions & Simplifying
5.3          Mixed Numbers & Improper Fractions
5.4          Multiplying Fractions
5.5          Reciprocals
5.6          Fractions - Relating Multiplication & Division
5.7          Fractions - Cancelling to Simplify Multiplication
5.8          Adding & Subtracting with Like Denominators
5.9          Comparing Fractions
5.10        Adding & Subtracting with Unlike Denominators

Unit 6    Equations

6.1          Introduction to Equations
6.2          Problem Solving with Equations
6.3          Solving Equations Using Addition & Subtraction
6.4          Solving Equations Using Multiplication & Division
6.5          Solving Equations Using Reciprocals
6.6          Solving Multi-Step Equations with Variables on Both Sides
6.7          Solving Multi-Step Equations with Fractions
6.8          Writing Equations

Unit 7    Inequalities

7.1          Introduction to Inequalities
7.2          Graphing Inequalities on a Number Line
7.3          Adding & Subtracting Inequalities
7.4          Multiplying & Dividing Inequalities
7.5          Conjunctions & Disjunctions
7.6          Solving Inequalities

Unit 8    The Coordinate Plane

8.1          Introduction to the Coordinate Plane
8.2          Graphing a Coordinate Point
8.3          Using a Table of Values
8.4          First Differences
8.5          X and Y Intercepts & Standard Form
8.6          Classifying Slope
8.7          Calculating Slope
8.8          Slope-Intercept Form
8.9          Graphing Inequalities
8.10        Changing Forms: Standard to Slope

Unit 9    Decimals

9.1          Introduction to Decimals
9.2          Decimals and Estimation
9.3          Decimals to Fractions
9.4          Fractions to Decimals
9.5          Scientific Notation
9.6          Repeating & Terminating Decimals

Unit 10  Percent

10.1        Introduction to Percent
10.2        Decimals and Percent
10.3        Finding Percent of a Number
10.4        Simple Interest
10.5        Compound Interest
10.6        Discount Solving Percent Equations
10.7        Percent of Change

Unit 11  Polynomials

11.1        Introduction to Polynomials
11.2        Adding Polynomials
11.3        Subtracting Polynomials
11.4        Multiplying Polynomials
11.5        Common Factoring

Unit 12  Triangles

12.1       Introduction to Triangles
12.2       Triangle Classifications
12.3       Square Roots
12.4       Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 13  2D Geometry

13.1        Introduction to 2D Geometry

13.2        Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
13.3        Classifying Polygons
13.4        Interior Angles of Polygons
13.5        Exterior Angles of Polygons
13.6        Perimeter
13.7        Area
13.8        Circumference of a circle
13.9        Area of a Circle

13.10      Area of Irregular Shapes

13.11      Perimeter of Irregular Shapes

Unit 14  3D Geometry

14.1        Introduction to 3D Geometry
14.2        Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism
14.3        Surface Area of Pyramids

14.4        Surface Area of Cylinders 
14.5        Volume of Rectangular Prisms

14.6        Volume of Cylinders & Triangular Prisms
14.7        Volume of Pyramids & Cones
14.8        Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere

Unit 15  Analyzing Data

15.1        Introduction to Analyzing Data
15.2        Line Graphs and Pictographs
15.3        Bar Graphs
15.4        Stem-and-Leaf Plots
15.5        Measures of Central Tendency Part I

15.6        Measures of Central Tendency Part II
15.7        Box-and-Whisker Plots
15.8        Circle Graphs

Unit 16  Probability and Statistics

16.1        Introduction to Probability & Statistics
16.2        Ratio and Proportion

16.3        Unit Rate and Proportion
16.4        Simple Probability
16.5        Independent Events

16.6        Dependent Events
16.7        Fundamental Counting Principle 

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View A Sample UnLock Algebra I Lesson 

Introduction to Quadratic Functions

View A Sample UnLock Algebra I Lesson 

Introduction to Quadratic Functions