UnLock Geometry Coming May 2017

UnLock Geometry will be our first course with feedback after EACH question (coming over the summer to ALL our courses). We have a few additional NEW features that will make UnLock Math even easier to navigate for you and your child. weekly reports emailed to you so you know exactly how your child is progressing, an updated Parent Dashboard, and so much more!

One thing that will not change is the unparalleled, engaging instruction for your child. This page will be being updated over the coming days as we put the finishing touches on the math course that so many of you have asked for, UnLock Geometry!

 Unit 1   Prerequisite Skills 

 Unit 2   Logic & Proofs

 Unit 3   Distance & Length

 Unit 4   Angles, Lines & Transversals

 Unit 5   Triangles

 Unit 6   Polygons

 Unit 7   Circles

 Unit 8   Circles Pt. 2

 Unit 9   Perimeter 

 Unit 10  Area

 Unit 11  Geometry in the Coordinate Plane

 Unit 12  Triangles Pt. 2

 Unit 13  Transformations

 Unit 14  3D Geometry & Volume

 Unit 15  3D Geometry & Surface Area


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