UnLock Math for Homeschool Families

Takes Stress & Frustration out of the Math Equation for Homeschool Families

Alesia BlackwoodHi. My name is Alesia Blackwood. My husband Matthew and I are the founders of UnLock Math. We have designed UnLock Math to adapt to each pupil. Unlimited practice & review for those who need it with optional challenge questions for the advanced students. We have students who have struggled in the past all the way to gifted students who are staying engaged and learning. We are delighted to see the results as this is our passion! We have designed our cloud based math environment to take care of everything for you. Our teaching videos are Fun & Engaging while breaking the math into bite-size chunks that your child will find easy to understand. And when they understand it they begin to enjoy it as well! Not content with simply multiple choice or worksheets, I wanted our testing & assessment to help your child to learn and retain math in ways that multiple choice simply can't. Each question is designed to reinforce learning and gauge your child's understanding.

Somewhere along the way many children lose their love for learning math. There can be many reasons for this, schools constantly changing how they teach it, anxiety building up because of gaps in their understanding, and many others. What I've found from years of teaching high school math is that this is completely reversible! By the time students made it into my high school classes many felt that they just weren't "math" people, that math was this foreign language that only a select few "math geeks" got. I was able to get them to realize that math is a language we all speak on a daily basis. It's not a list of dry, boring rules and formulas. I was able to reignite the love for learning math that many had lost as early as elementary school. THAT is what UnLock Math does. Using the same methods that worked so well for me in class, UnLock Math will reignite your child's love for learning math. It's not gone, it's just buried beneath years of frustration, tears, and anxiety.

Results Matter

Take a look at our reviews & testimonials. Parents just like you have been delighted as they have watched their child approach math differently, confidently. Even choosing to do math on the weekends or holidays because they are now enjoying math. No more struggling. No more tears. No more anxiety. That's what UnLock Math will mean to you and your child.

The Teacher Matters

I knew going into this that I had to be able to reach your child through the videos (go ahead have them view a few). To engage them in the learning process. This is something that I excelled at in teaching and according to my virtual students we've been able to achieve it with UnLock Math in a way that no other program has. This all takes place in the safety of our virtual learning environment where there are no distractions. Just math. 

The Curriculum Matters

You want your child prepared for their best future. I want to give them the best math foundation possible for that amazing future. UnLock Math is the math curriculum that I've dreamed of creating and I'm proud to make it available to you. Comprehensive & Rigorous. Interactive & Adaptive. Engaging & Fun. 

The Testing Matters

Our testing environment will reinforce what your child has learned in ways that multiple choice testing simply can't. It is designed to reduce their math anxiety and reinforce learning. It adaptively guides your child through difficult concepts. It has math applications that allow your child to graph much like they would with pencil & paper. 

Our Testing & Assessment Features

  • Adaptive questions that provide your child another chance when they give an incorrect response. Guiding them through the problem one step at a time. Effectively "teaching" them as they go through the questions.
  • A wide variety of question types that truly assess their understanding in ways that multiple choice simply can’t.
  • Standard mathematical notation in both the question text and student response. So your child can focus on their assignment, not the software.
  • Your child will only see ONE question at a time. This helps to focus their attention and prevent them from being overwhelmed with a whole page of "math" that often causes anxiety.
  • Your child is able to view feedback & fully explained solutions for each question.
  • A Gradebook that provides all the tools you need to track & analyze your child’s progress. It captures their results for individual assignments and questions within an assignment. Unsurpassed statistical analysis tools provide in-depth insight of the results from the student, assignment, and question point of view, so you can get the information you want in the form you need.
  • View and print Progress Reports at any time.

A Powerful Dashboard & Easy Navigation MattersUnLock-Dashboard-for-Pre-Algebra-Homeschool-Curriculum-and-Online-Math-Tutoring

Your Childs Math Education Matters To Me

This is a labour of love for me and I would be delighted to become your child's virtual math teacher! When parents like you entrust their child's math education to me I take it seriously. You're here because you are looking for the best math curriculum for your child. With UnLock Math you don't just get a great math curriculum with the most advanced testing & assessment platform anywhere. You get a teacher who cares. Seeing their success is what fuels my passion to do this. Relax and leave math to me. It's what I love! 

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