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I can't tell you the difference we've seen in my daughter's approach to Math. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! She is quick to her lessons, and when her school is over she's right back to it to see how she can improve her scores. Before it was, "Just get it done, and I don't care how I did, I just want it done!" Now there is a competitive spirit growing where she wants to improve upon what she's done. Thank you so much! This is a miracle! I've watched her get a lower score and she's not quite sure what she's doing, I've left her to figure it out for herself, and sometimes it takes a number of practice runs and then she's "GOT IT!" This also has been a huge step to see her grow through not understanding, to sort of understanding, to absolutely understanding her material, and I'm just stepping back and it's nothing to do with me! Again, THANK YOU!!! The repeated practice with different problems is the ticket! Wonderful program!

Christine, AK

UnLock Math provides everything your child needs to achieve success in math. Grades 6-12.


Engaging Videos

Alesia Blackwood engages your child with her exceptional ability to explain concepts in an easily grasped manner.

Interactive Platform

Our interactive platform is easy to navigate & multi-sensory. Making UnLock Math ideal for most learners.



We do ALL the grading for you & include detailed reports. Spend your  free time doing something you love!

Unlimited Practice

UnLock Math gives your child unlimited practice which is ideal for mastering concepts.

Immediate Feedback

UnLock Math gives your child immediate and meaningful feedback with completely worked solutions after each question.

Continual Review

UnLock Math gives your child continual review making sure concepts get locked into long-term memory.

Online Chat

 Direct access to teachers for extra help is just a click away!  With UnLock Math you're never left on your own!

Reference Notes

 View online, print out one by one, or print all at once and have your very own UnLock Math textbook!

Extensive Reporting

 You'll be able to view, export, and print detailed progress & grade reports at any time!  

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How UnLock Math Works

Warm Up

Each day your child will begin with a short 5 question Warm Up covering material from the day before. This does two things. 1st, it's a quick check to let us know that they remember what they learned. 2nd, it helps their brain to switch gears into "math mode" getting them ready for the days lesson. 

Video Lesson

Then it's time for the engaging video lesson taught by Alesia Blackwood, utilizing her unique style of breaking math concepts into bite-size chunks that are easier to understand & apply! Studies have shown that students learn & remember better if they SEE the teacher work through a problem vs voice over type videos.


Next, they'll have a Practice Problem set covering  JUST what they learned in the video. They may open as many sets of Practice Problems (with NEW questions each time) as needed and we'll record their best effort to their Gradebook.  This format was specifically designed to encourage  students to work to mastery.


After Practice Problems they move on to 10 Stay Sharp questions that cover material from previous lessons so that concepts they've learned are touched on throughout the year. This keeps new skills fresh, locking  concepts into their long term memory. You don't have to worry if they're remembering concepts!


We include a Challenge Yourself question that's a student favourite! It's a chance to earn "extra credit" and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them "outside the box" thinking when it comes to math.

Quiz, Review, and Test

Every couple of days students complete a 5 question Quiz after the daily lesson. Units conclude with a Unit Review and a Unit Test and we also give a Mid-term and a Final Review & Test.


You have access to Grades & more from your convenient Parent Dashboard. You may view each attempted assignment, when it was completed, how long was spent on it, and each score. You'll also receive a weekly email of your child's progress.

Online Chat With  Teachers

A safety net for your child! We have certified math teachers standing so that
 extra help for you and your child is only a click away!  At  UnLock Math we've thought of everything and designed a program that doesn't leave you on your own! Relax & leave math to us!


Easy to navigate!

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What do parents think of the UnLock Math?

We found UnLock Math last year and it has changed our lives! The step by step approach and constant review are excellent! The teacher does a great job presenting the material. There is immediate feedback so my daughter knows if she got a problem right or wrong - and she will rework a problem until she gets it right! Her attitude towards math has completely changed!


Parent, NC

My daughter absolutely loves UnLock Math! We've tried a variety of math curriculum over the last year and a half of homeschooling, but none of them seemed to be just the right fit. She's a very visual learner and needs just the *right* amount of repetition... too much and she gets bored, too little and she forgets what she learns. Mrs. Blackwood is a fun and energetic teacher. This curriculum has taken the stress out of Algebra for both of us!


Parent, CO


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Here at UnLock Math, we believe our program will transform the way your child approaches math more than you ever 

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  • Engaging Videos
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Continual Review
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Automated Grading

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  • Engaging Videos
  • Unlimited Practice
  • Continual Review
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Automated Grading
  • Live Chat Support

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