The Engaging 
 Online Math Curriculum!

Is Your School Looking For An Online Math Curriculum That Is Effective, Engaging, And Measurable?

UnLock Math is unique in providing the following combination that helps students quickly reach & exceed grade level:



Engaging Videos

Engaging videos to flip your classroom or use as additional after-class tutorials.

Intelligent Platform

UnLock Math is able to truly assess student's’s understanding of math concepts by utilizing multiple question types, not just multiple choice. Natural math notation is used in both question text & student response. An easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions. Adaptive questions guide students to deeper understanding.


Grading Tools

Included grading tools help you to organize your class grades.

Unlimited Practice

We have Unlimited Practice Problem Sets for you to assign. Every students receives different problem sets covering the same concepts utilizing our algorithmic problem generator.

Instant Feedback

Students receive instant feedback with completely worked solutions after each question. This helps them to find their own mistakes, a great teaching tool and one less thing for you!

Continual Review

We have Continual Review Problem Sets for you to assign. Making sure concepts are kept fresh and locked into long-term memory.

Online Chat

Immediate technical & curriculum  support With UnLock Math, you're never left on your own!

Reference Notes

 View online, print out one by one, or print all at once and have your very own UnLock Math textbook!

Extensive Reporting

You'll be able to view, export, and print detailed  reports of each student at anytime! 

What's Different About Our Currirulum For Schools vs Our Homeschool Curriculum?

  • Instructor Guides
  • Peer Activities & Assignments
  • Teacher Assignable Activities
  • Aligned to California CCSS
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    Grading Tools
UnLock Math is easy to navigate

Easy to navigate!

Math Foundations


Algebra II


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