UnLock Math Foundations

Covers Every Foundational Math Concept In One Year To JumpStart Your Child's Math Success!

Get excited! We're going to build your child's math foundation from the ground up!

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  • Unlimited Practice
  • Continual Review
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UnLock Math Foundations
Will Cover:

Unit 1 Number Sense

1.1 Introduction to Numbers
1.2 Base Ten
1.3 Natural and Whole Numbers
1.4 Comparing
1.5 Place Value Part One
1.6 Place Value Part Two
1.7 Rounding
1.8 Estimating

Unit 2 Operations With Numbers

2.1 Introduction to Addition and Subtraction
2.2 Multi-Digit Addition
2.3 Multi-Digit Addition Part 2
2.4 Multi-Digit Subtraction

2.5 Multi-Digit Subtraction Part 2
2.6 Introduction to Multiplication

2.7 Multiplying 10's, 100's, & 1000's
2.8 Multi-Digit Multiplication
2.9 Multiplying 2-digit Numbers
2.10 Multiplying 3-Digit Numbers

Unit 3 Division

3.1 Introduction to Division
3.2 Simple Division
3.3 Long Division
3.4 Long Division with 3 & 4 Digits
3.5 Division with Remainders
3.6 Division with Remainders Part 2


Unit 4 Integers

4.1 Introduction to Integers
4.2 Integers on a Number Line
4.3 Comparing Integers
4.4 Absolute Value
4.5 Adding Integers
4.6 Subtracting Integers
4.7 Multiplying Integers
4.8 Dividing Integers

Unit 5 Exponents

5.1 Introduction to Exponents
5.2 Expanded and Exponential Form Part 1
5.3 Expanded and Exponential Form Part 2
5.4 Calculating Exponents
5.5 Negative Numbers with Exponents
5.6 Exponents of 1 and 0
5.7 Exponents in the Real World

Unit 6 Order of Operations

6.1 Intro to Order of Operations
6.2 Parentheses & Brackets
6.3 Commutative Property of Addition
6.4 Commutative Property of Multiplication
6.5 Associative Property
6.6 Fact Families

Unit 7 Factors and Multiples

7.1 Factors
7.2 Prime Factorization
7.3 Greatest Common Factor
7.4 Multiples
7.5 Lowest Common Multiples
7.6 Divisibility
7.7 Divisibility Part 2

Unit 8 Fractions

8.1 Introduction to Fractions
8.2 Equivalent Fractions
8.3 Simplifying Fractions
8.4 Comparing Fractions
8.5 Ordering Fractions
8.6 Adding and Subtracting Fractions
8.7 Adding and Subtracting Fractions Part 2
8.8 Multiplying Fractions
8.9 Dividing Fractions

8.10 Dividing with Reciprocals

Unit 9 Mixed and Improper Fractions

9.1 Introduction to Mixed and Improper Fractions
9.2 Converting Mixed to Improper Fractions
9.3 Converting Improper to Mixed Fractions
9.4 Comparing Improper and Proper Fractions
9.5 Comparing Improper and Mixed Fractions
9.6 Adding and Subtracting Improper Fractions
9.7 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Fractions
9.8 Adding and Subtracting Mixed Fractions Part 2
9.9 Multiplying Improper and Mixed Fractions
9.10 Dividing Improper and Mixed Fractions

Unit 10 Decimals

10.1 Introduction to Decimals
10.2 Place Value of Decimals
10.3 Rounding Decimals
10.4 Comparing Decimals
10.5 Adding Decimals
10.6 Subtracting Decimals
10.7 Multiplying Decimals
10.8 Dividing Decimals
10.9 Dividing Numbers Without Remainders
10.10 Terminating and Repeating Decimals
10.11 Converting Fractions to Decimals
10.12 Converting Decimals to Fractions
10.13 Rational and Irrational Numbers

Unit 11 Ratio and Percent

11.1 Intro to Ratios
11.2 Ratio and Proportion
11.3 Unit Rate
11.4 Unit Price
11.5 Percent
11.6 Percent Part 2
11.7 Finding Percent of a Number
11.8 Discounts, Sales and Tax

Unit 12 Geometry

12.1 Intro to Geometry
12.2 Points, Lines and Lengths
12.3 Measuring Angles
12.4 Types of Angles
12.5 Triangles
12.6 Squares & Rectangles
12.7 Rhombuses & Parallelograms
12.8 Perimeter
12.9 Introduction to Area
12.10 Area of Squares and Rectangles
12.11 Area of Triangles

Unit 13 Data Management

13.1 Introduction to Data Management
13.2 Mode
13.3 Median
13.4 Mean
13.5 Pictographs
13.6 Bar Graphs
13.7 Line Graphs
13.8 Scatter Plots
13.9 Stem and Leaf Plots

UnLock Math, The #1 Homeschool Math Curriculum, provides the following combination that's proven to lead to student success: 


Engaging Videos

Alesia Blackwood engages your child with her exceptional ability to explain concepts in an easily grasped manner.

Intelligent Platform

UnLock Math is able to truly assess your child’s understanding of math concepts by utilizing multiple question types, not just multiple choice. Natural math notation is used in both question text & student response. An easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions. Adaptive questions guide students to deeper understanding.



We do ALL the grading for you & include detailed reports. Spend your  free time doing something you love!

Unlimited Practice

We give your child unlimited practice which is ideal for mastering concepts.

Instant Feedback

We give you child instant feedback with completely worked solutions after each question.

Continual Review

We give your child continual review to make sure concepts are kept fresh and locked into long-term memory.

Online Chat

Access to teachers for you and your child is just a click away! With UnLock Math you're never left on your own!

Reference Notes

 View online, print out one by one, or print all at once and have your very own UnLock Math textbook!

Extensive Reporting

You'll be able to view, export, and print detailed progress & grade reports at any time!  

How UnLock Math Works

Warm Up

Each day your child will begin with a short 5 question Warm Up covering material from the day before. This does two things. 1st, it's a quick check to let us know that they remember what they learned. 2nd, it helps their brain to switch gears into "math mode" getting them ready to learn. 

Video Lesson

Then it's time for the engaging video lesson taught by Alesia Blackwood, utilizing her unique style of breaking math concepts into bite-size chunks that are easier to understand & apply! Studies have shown that students learn & remember better if they SEE the teacher work through a problem vs voice over type lessons.


Next, they'll have a problem set covering JUST what they learned in the video. They may open a NEW set of Practice Problems and we'll record their best effort for their grade. They can do this as many times as needed, we'll give them NEW questions each time! This allows students to work to mastery.


After Practice Problems they move on to 10 Stay Sharp questions that cover material from previous lessons so that concepts they've learned are touched on throughout the year. This keeps new skills fresh, locking  concepts into their long term memory.


We include a Challenge Yourself question that is a student favourite! It's a chance to earn "extra credit" and stretch their math skills for bonus points. Great for teaching them "outside the box" thinking when it comes to math.

Quiz, Review, and Test

Every two or three days students complete a 5 question Quiz after the daily lesson, making sure they don't need to review a concept before moving on. Units conclude with a Unit Review and a Unit Test and we also give a Mid-term and a Final Review and Test.

Auto Grading & Detailed Reporting

You have access to Grades and more from your convenient Parent Dashboard. You may view each attempted assignment, when it was completed, how long was spent on it, and each score. You'll also receive a weekly email of your child's progress.

Online Chat With Certified Teachers

A safety net for your child! We have teachers standing by so that when it comes to your child’s math education NOTHING is left to chance!


We believe our program will transform the way your child approaches math and JumpStart their math success. We're so sure, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the course content, or simply feel it's not a great fit for your family, simply email us to receive the entire cost refunded back to you.

UnLock Math Is An Award Winning Math Program!

Voted #1 Homeschool Math Curriculum for 2017 & 2018 in a survey of homeschool families by "Practical Homeschooling" magazine.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do parents think of the UnLock Math?

We found UnLock Math last year and it has changed our lives! The step by step approach and constant review are excellent! The teacher does a great job presenting the material. There is immediate feedback so my daughter knows if she got a problem right or wrong - and she will rework a problem until she gets it right! Her attitude towards math has completely changed!


Parent, NC

My daughter absolutely loves UnLock Math! We've tried a variety of math curriculum over the last year and a half of homeschooling, but none of them seemed to be just the right fit. She's a very visual learner and needs just the *right* amount of repetition... too much and she gets bored, too little and she forgets what she learns. Mrs. Blackwood is a fun and energetic teacher. This curriculum has taken the stress out of Algebra for both of us!


Parent, CO

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