The UnLock Math Story

UnLock Math was born from the teaching passion of Alesia Blackwood

The UnLock Math Family

Alesia was homeschooled starting in the 4th grade until going back to public high school. She knew from an early age that she wanted to become a teacher and accomplished that goal in 2000. A member of the Ontario College of Teachers certified in Intermediate and Senior Divisions Mathematics and Computer Science she also holds certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission to teach Mathematics grades 7-12. She brings her love of math and teaching to UnLock Math.

Alesia met Matthew in October of 2001. After a whirlwind long distance romance between Georgia and Ontario (1100 miles) Alesia's dream of a fairy tale wedding was realized in December of 2002. Matthew had been homeschooled as well from the 4th grade on. As their family grew they dreamed of working together. They recognized a need for a math curriculum that would take away the stress and frustration many parents and their children have when it comes to math. They envisioned an online math curriculum that would take care of everything for the parent. Teaching. Testing. Grading. And do it in a way that's Interesting, Engaging, and Fun! They realized that together they had the skills necessary to turn this dream into a reality. They have taken Alesia's unique style of breaking math into bite-size chunks that students find easier to understand and developed UnLock Math, an online math curriculum unlike any other, designed to reduce math anxiety & build confidence!

How is UnLock Math Unique?

  • Teaching Videos that ENGAGE, EXPLAIN and ENTERTAIN! Many video lessons are dry, boring and hard to sit through. Not so with UnLock Math! Alesia teaches each lesson as she would to a class, explaining the concepts thoroughly and going through several examples to make sure they understand thoroughly.
  • Advanced Assessment with various question types that truly assess your child’s understanding in ways that multiple choice testing simply can’t.
  • Immediate Feedback & Fully Explained Solutions for each question.
  • Your Child Will Only See ONE Question at a time. This is important for those students who get overwhelmed and anxious when the see a whole page of "math".
  • Unlimited Practice for students who need more practice to solidify new skills.
  • Unlimited Review 
  • Gradebook & Progress Reports updated in realtime so that you and your child can track progress and assignment details.

Whether you are a home educator looking for a complete math curriculum or a parent whose child is struggling in school and find yourself in need of a online tutor to improve your child's confidence, ability, and mastery of concepts, UnLock Math has been designed with your needs in mind.

UnLock Math has been developed to be your math solution. Completely online. Easy to navigate. Available anytime. Utilyzing the most advanced Testing & Assessment anywhere. UnLock Math will put your child into a safe virtual classroom where they are the only student. No distractions. Just math. With a Passionate Math Teacher who has a proven ability to engage students and give them the skills and confidence to succeed.

You can relax and leave teaching math to us. It's what we love. We look forward to unlocking your child's math potential!

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